Concepts to Reality

As an Events Marketing & Management firm, we're a small home-grown one that was formed barely 12 years ago.

Our close-knit team work on clients' event marketing plans, putting high emphasis on the creativity of concepts, the flow, the sequence and everything in between - in order to create a remarkable impression reflecting the brand in question.

Our 6 years of experience might seem meager to some, but the quality and depth of those years go beyond the quantifiable. We started from below and we progressed as swiftly as we could. This is because we're not afraid of getting our hands dirty.

We learn from constant doing. Each team member is highly involved in every step. No matter whether you're the cutting-edge designer, marketing expert, team leader, organizers or even general staff, here in Trinity, we all work tightly together towards accomplishing any project.

We put in tremendous effort to sustain and constantly improve our solid consumer behavioural knowledge, marketing expertise and clever insight in this field innovative creative perception and advanced designing flair plus exceptional organizing and seasoned construction skills.